Rephased Yamaha XS2 Chopper

by Chris
(Lacey, WA.)

Yamaha XS2 Chopper

Yamaha XS2 Chopper

Rephased Yamaha XS2 on 70's C&G frame...

This is the bike my father-in-law gave me. He originally built it from a 1972 Yamaha xs2 650cc that he bought in the Philippines and brought to the states on the USS Kittyhawk. In 1978, after hopping up the engine to a 750cc (with some advice from the Yamaha racing team..) and other performance parts, he broke loose a weld on a motor mount, and tore it down to weld.(Never to ride it again!) This is where my part of the story begins. I could still use some advice on how to mount the fiber glass rear fender and if anyone knows how to install an old school battery eliminator I would love to here from you.

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