Rotary Engine Trike Project

by Ken Robinsoon
(Prescott Valley, AZ)

Trike Project: Well I guess the way it started out was that my wife is terrified of motorcycles so I compromised. She is still a bit leary of the whole "Trike" thing but I told her that it won't fall over, It might work.

I am also what they call a Rotor Head, that is I have a insane need to power this thing with a Mazda Rotary Engine out of an '86 RX-7.

This engine is so small that without the manifolds it will fit in a Milk Crate, and capable of several hundred horsepower normally aspirated. I plan to build this one to about 200 HP.

The layout will be Chopper style with the engine between the knees with a Fat Bob tank over it which will hold an auxiliary oil tank and the electricals for the engine. I will use an Automatic Trans from a '93-'95 RX-7 as it can be converted to Push Button Shifting. The seat will be over the bell Housing and Trans Body. The Fork will be either a good strong Springer or Girder.

Behind the driver will be a Dune buggy type 30 inch wide seat for my wife and our dog. just behind this seat will be a Beer Keg on its side and cut and hinged to make a trunk and to mount lights on. Just below the Keg is the actual gas tank riding just above the 3rd member of the Independent Rear Suspension.

Here is the FUN PART, the rear suspension will be modified to let the Trike LEAN INTO THE CORNERS!
The tires will also lean into the corner. I came up with the design and took it to a Racing Suspension Builder and It will work.

The Radiator and Oil Cooler will be in the back with the top leaned forward about 30-45 degrees. That will keep most of the HEAT away from the riders.

So that's my project, what do you think?

I had a sketch in my computer but it seems to have misplaced it.

I will post it later when my computer decides to give it up.

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May 19, 2011
by: BEAR

Hey Ken, I like UR rotery idea sounds good. I like them as well. HOWEVER! I'm PARTICULARLY INTERESTED IN YOUR LEANING REAREND SET-UP. I Would like to Discuss it further W/You; As I'm a Disabled Vet and would truely love to feel the road again. That to me means LEANIN-INTO-A-TURN. Not somthing I've been able to do on a conventional Trike.U can send to me your INFO at PLEASE! THANX BEAR FaceBook is WILLIAM BEAR PEACE-OUT

Jun 27, 2010
Good Luck!
by: Natureboy1947

Hey, Good luck with that, partner. I've been trying everything I could think of to get my other half to get on, in & around a bike and let the air flow in her hair for almost 30 yrs now, nothin's worked so far, mind if I use yours..... and tell her it won't fall over? You just may have something there!

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