Sharp Assembler

by Sam
(Rocky Ford Colorado)

The assembler is sharp, with good commentary, the audio is surprisingly good, the lighting and back drop work well. The camera angles and close ups are useful, I prefer a little closer view and a little instruction on the features of each item he places in his hand or touches--example, I know what a T25 driver is, but does everyone?

I didn't get an overview or goal clearly defined at the start, as my impression. I thinks these are very good videos, helpful to people to shorten their work time, which is huge.
My suggestion for you is watch an episode of "Hometime" and pick up their camera techniques--I am in the trades, and agree with most of what dean says and does, and he does it with fluidity.
Overall you guys have done a good job, and I hope you are rewarded very well! I will spread the word, I like good values, and this looks to be a great one! Congrats!

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