Shovelhead Engine Build
Step By Step Tutorial...
Also A Good Shovelhead Rebuilding Guide!

shovelhead engine build

New DVD! Shovelhead Engine Build (and rebuilding guide):

This new guide called Building A Shovelhead Style Engine is the best instructional DVD on motorcycle engine builds on the market. The instructor has a Master rating from Harley Davidson and was a Harley Davidson lead mechanic for several years, and now has a passion for teaching.

His style keeps you involved, and his guidance makes it all easy to understand.

What you will get is a well produced 2 DVD set that has a total run-time of 97 minutes. 

By the time you get through the DVD's you will have the confidence and knowledge to help you build or rebuild a shovelhead engine. And it will always be there for you to pick up and view when and if you need guidance or a refresher on how to build or rebuild a shovelhead engine.

Shovelhead Engine Build Side Bar: A Shovelhead rebuild requires more details for the novice engine builder but this DVD set is ideal if you have some experience rebuilding because it provides a road-map for you to follow. If you want to build a Shovelhead with new parts this DVD set is your step by step guide.

shovelhead rebuild

Here is a list of the main components of this shovelhead engine build:

  • Heads, Engine case, Oil pump, and Super E carburetor are from S&S
  • Flywheels are 4 1/4 stroke from Truett and Osborne 
  • Pistons are 3 5/8 from Wiseco
  • Cylinders are 3 5/8 from Drag Specialties 
  • Cam, Tappets, and Push Rods are from Andrews
  • Rocker Boxes and Rockers are from Drag Specialties.

Although this DVD guide is for someone building a Shovelhead engine, it's also very helpful for someone who wants a guide to rebuilding a Shovelhead motor.

Get 'Building A Shovelhead Style Engine' Now.

shovelhead build DVD

Here's What's On The Shovelhead Style Engine DVD's:

Shovelhead Build

Disc A Bottom End --  Runtime 48 minutes.


Chapter 1

  • Mount Oil Pump 
  • Oil Pump Outer Cover 
  • Add Ring Gear On Pump 
  • Install Gear Key & Circlip 
  • Torque Oil Pump 
  • Oil Line Fittings

Chapter 2

  • True Flywheels 
  • Press Bearing Flywheel 
  • Install Left Side Case On Flywheel 
  • Check Clearance & Play

Chapter 3

  • Bearing Onto Pinion Shaft 
  • Clean Case Halves 
  • Case Adhesives

Shovelhead Engine Build Bottom End

Chapter 4

  • Lube Bearings-Mate Case 
  • Start Bolting Case Together 
  • Seat Bolts With Loctite 
  • Washer And Nut Up 
  • Torque 'Em

Chapter 5

  • Cam & Oil Pump Gears
  • Pinion Gear
  • Breather Gear And Shim
  • Cam Gear
  • Alignment Of Breather & Pinion Gears
  • Final Bottom Assembly

Chapter 6

  • Install Tappet Screen 
  • Install Tappets And Blocks

Shovelhead Engine Build

Disc B Top End --Runtime 49 minutes

Building A Shovelhead Engine

Chapter 7

  • Piston Rings 
  • Fitting Rings 
  • Filing Piston Rings 
  • Fitting Rings To Pistons

Chapter 8

  • Clean Castings Of Rocker Boxes 
  • Mock Up of Rocker Boxes 
  • Final Assembly Rocker Boxes 
  • Install Bolt Covers

Chapter 9

  • Set Pistons Into Cylinders 
  • Hook Pistons To Rods 
  • Mount Cylinders On Block

Chapter 10

  • Install Rockers To Heads 
  • Torque Rocker Boxes

Shovelhead Engine Build TOP END

Chapter 11

  • Install Head Bolts 
  • Bolt Down Cylinder Heads 
  • Torque Cylinders & Heads 

Chapter 12 

  • Align Intake Manifold 
  • Install Push Rods & Tubes 
  • Adjust Push Rods 
  • Set Push Rod Tubes 
  • Final Will The Beast Start? 
  • Sign Off

Side Bar: You can use Building A Shovelhead Style Egnine as a guide to tearing down or rebuilding an shovelhead engine. Just keep in mind that the process of rebuilding a shovelhead engine is much more involved with respect to tools and measuring than using new, unworn parts.