Skate Goat

by Glenn Grootegoed
(Phoenix Arizona)

The adventure begins. I don't want to bore you with the whole trail, but here we go. I'm 63 years old and have devoted my life to pure and simple the love of a good ride on two wheels and the fun and freedom that goes with the lifestyle. I ended my career when the oil business washed out in North Dakota last year 2015 no sooner afterwards I was diagnosed with cancer.

This is not the way I wanted it to end. During the time I spent in the frozen tundra I managed to pay off my bills and buy a very nice 2013 heritage that I love very much. so giving that up with no miles on her to someone while I'm in a 6 foot hole was not in the cards.

My friend John who I met in the very elegant accommodations Arizona Prison said come home so I did. After lots of battles with the VA hospital here. A great congressman came to my rescue I got a referral to Mayo Clinic. I went there with very little hope. Today I am planning a future.
The future Has been just today opened up and my friend john did it again. I guess I should say john has never been on a bike until I bought him a Tri Glide I found from my neighbor wanted rid of it in North Dakota I stole it he couldn't make payments anymore he was over his head in debt. He said just take it pay it off. I did and John got the surprise Of his life.

I know you want to know what he did today. He told me to build the bike of my dreams. To anyone that doesn't know him that would get a response of yea right someday when I'm rich and famous. For me I knew what he was saying to me. I never considered myself a custom bike builder but though the years I got kinda popular with friends cause I took their machines and did things that made them very happy with the fact I had old school fixes and ideas to take what they had and made it look and run nice.

My first Harley I owned was a 1937 Knucklehead it was built by Roger Swim here in Phoenix My cost 1800.00 cash. oh yea what a prize. She was a rolling nightmare. It was mine. After riding her for a summer here in Arizona being left for dead several times because she didn't want to run. I came to the conclusion she needed a make over.

I at that point became a shade tree Harley builder.
Now all that and 10 bucks will get you a cup of coffee at your favorite starbucks. I'm on a quest and john put me on it today. I'm gonna build a Dream Chopper and all of you that follow this story will find out I am a man of my word I promise to keep you in the loop. At the end of the build You be the Judges Did I do all of you justice.

I bet every scooter tramp can figure out what I'm gonna build. If you guessed knucklehead you got it. Old School Knucklehead Chopper. I just happened to be wandering around at last years crazy Sturgis bash stumbled into a S&S place at the Harley dealership in rapid city. There sitting on a stand all by its self was what looked like a knuck motor as you would expect I was naturally attracted to it even though I knew in my heart I could never buy one but I hoped that a rep would think I might be a potential customer and come and tell me the magical number. They must have some computer help on this and knew it was a waste of time so no one came to talk and I left with a heavy heart. At the present time I don't have any pictures to show you but I can take you some tomorrow over at the place where all this can happen and its Josie's House that's the name of my heritage.

It's a nice garage I rent for her everything is there to polish her and keep her show room condition. also a big box of tools and devices I have left after being pillaged while I was in the joint. So I guess first order of business is go put things in order at the garage for a birth. I am going to follow along with the program here grab what I think will help me to start making this happen. I'm not a Bone head I learned many years ago take advice. check your work and the only dumb question is the one you didn't ask. I want as much input as you all can give me, lets make it a group project.

Oh and Another thing I know John and I know money is no Object but it is to me so its like yea I know we can get it here but the same thing is cheaper over there. come on guys. lets always keep High quality low cost in mind. Ok I'm out of here. Always remember you can keep lobsters on your piano but keep the crabs of your organs Later

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