Swap Meet Special

by Kevin
(Oceanside, CA)

My name is Kevin, and I decided that I was going to build my first Harley from the ground up after I got back from Afghanistan. I got the ok from the wife and off I went with the rest of my marines. I picked up a custom built bike, made out 3 different frames and titled as a 1985 Kawasaki. It fortunately had a Harley evo engine and an old fxr tranny. While in Afghanistan, I bought a few parts here and there and let them pile up at my parents house. When I returned from afghan, I saw my "custom" bike, and turns out the only thing I can use is the engine. After being told that the new frame that I ordered was 34 degree rake and 2" out, I ordered forks for that.....well the frame is actually 30 degree rake with no stretch. So I offed the forks and found a set of custom Springer forks 2 hours away from home for 150 bucks! I was like hell yeah. So I scooped them up. They look great even though they are raw steel and have some surface rust. As of right now, I’m starting to tear down the engine just to see if it’s any good, or if it’s an 800 dollar paper weight. The build is going SOOOOOOOO slow, partially from not exactly knowing what I’m doing and having to go back and fix all the parts that I’ve already bought to make them work.

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Sep 25, 2012
Welcome Home Marine
by: Spider

As long as the engine turns and has compression you should be OK. Good luck with the build.

"Semper FI"

Sep 24, 2012
powder them
by: xusrowr

media blast and powder coat those springers. it will be worth every cent. They'll look new when you're done and you'll be pumped to continue. '

I'm restoring a 1950 CJ3a willys. Down to the frame and each and every part will be olive drab.
The frame actually looks NEW! now that it's powdered.

Worth every cent


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