Synthetic vs Dinosaur oil

by rowboy

ERA cobra

ERA cobra

Synthetic oil has been around since WW2. It's been Mobil 1 for many years, but now others are getting into it. I guess the patent ran out.

Either way, I've used synthetic on all my cars from new to many many miles with no troubles. Think about viscosity. If you have petroleum based oil, the viscosity can run from molasses like (in low temps of Alaska) to water like viscosity under high temps. Low viscosity means its not lubricating as well as it could...simple.
Synthetic has a very narrow range of viscosity. It will be almost the same viscosity in 0 degree weather as well as when your engine is running at 180 degrees.

I don't' work for an oil company, no stock, not retired from, not anything associated with any oil product in any way, shape or form. I'm just a consumer like you guys who wants the best for my money and my toys. I've run Mobil 1 or Castrol Synthetic in my 1970 Mercedes 245k miles, my Harley Sportster, Virago, Avalanche 125k miles, Tahoe,and my ERA cobra with the 1966 FE 428. I run it in my Honda XR650L. NO PROBLEMS. NO GUNK in the filter. In fact, the filter may have black oil, but it is like oil at room temp. I'm convinced from 40 years of good luck with synthetic oil. Ask a pilot what oil he uses on his air cooled Cessena 180. He can't afford less than a dependable oil.

Of course Chopper Guide has to be neutral and leave it up to us to decide. I'm just sayin.....


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