The First Step To My Chopper Build

by Gregg (TurnNburn1x) Thigpen
(South Central Georgia)

Well I took the first step to building a chopper with many more to come. But when I ordered the prints for my frame, I didn't know how close I was to opening my own Welding Repair and Fabrication Shop. I was either going with the bobber or rigid chopper look with one of the best set of prints I've ever seen for scooter frames. I got them from BCCOrlando.

As far as I can tell these guys take all the guess work out of customizing your build, or luckily with the 20yrs previous experience in fabrication and pipe welding/fitting is really paying off. I would imagine anyone planning to undertake this would either be confident enough in their skills and determination to undertake such a project or was planning on getting a little help from a more experienced friend.

Either way I don't think by any means it is the nightmare some make it out to be. This set of prints has taken into consideration everything that could possibly come up in a build right down to giving you several options and choices in order to make this a custom build.

The neck is laid out in such a way that it is scaled from 30*-45* giving you minimum to maximum degree of rake for any chopper of bobber as far as I am concerned, if you do your homework this one print is everything you need for any hard tail chopper or bobber design.

The frame plans come with different prints referenced/shadowed over the stock image with every detail legible and easy to read so you can
truly, stretch up, out, chop, bob and weave your way into the hall of fame of custom bike builders. I am taking up a lot of time here so I'll try to cut it short, knowing that there is much more to tell about my baby. She has the 300 series fat rear tire with the Avalon look (sick bro), I love it. Every bend and offset gives you exact dimensions you need for proper location of bend and required radius for each bend.

If you take your time and think it out there is no way you can go wrong, and if you somehow do you can always fix it if you don't panic. Those guys at BCC Orlando got their ducks in a row man. Anyway after the first of the year I will start my build, right now I am setting up shop and purchasing equipment for my other dream come true.

I think the key to any successful job, build, or endeavor has to have a well thought-out plan along with a back up or at least know where the exit door is. I'll have my shop fired off after the first of the year and if everything goes accordingly I will have some pics of the frame rolling in that are organized in an easy to understand, step by step build.

I can't friggin wait, I've already built twenty of the darn things in my head and the prints are easily eyed from my living room table as they are displayed properly with all their glory on my living room wall. Peace, loved and happiness.....GT Weld & Fab.

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