TIG Shielding Gas

by Ken
(Memphis, TN)

I have just acquired a TIG welder and am learning the process. I would like to keep only one type of shielding gas in my shop and ask what "general purpose" gas would be best - pure 100% Argon, or some blend including either CO2 or Helium.

I will be doing low volume, custom work primarily in milled steel, but would like to have the option to work in Aluminum.

Thanks for the help.


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Jul 08, 2008
Answer To Your Tig Shielding Gas Question
by: Rick Hedrick


This is a common question where just about every welding supply store will give you a different answer. Usually the different answers are intended to promote or sell 'their' specialty product. What it all comes down to is YOUR good welding practices. This is were the basics will pay off. Strong welds first start with clean cut metal to metal joints free from oil, rust or corrosion. Where strength is a concern - stay away from the need to make filler welds. The proper welding rod is a must - NOT a wire coat hanger - no need for fancy alloys just a matching material - also it must be clean and free from oil or corrosion. The shielding gas should be pure 100% Argon - no need for fancy mixes - they really don't help. And the final key element is the fresh welding electrode and shielding cup to match the flow. Temperature will make all come together - practice with flow rates and temps to arrive at full penetration without warping.

Rick Hedrick

Jun 30, 2008
TIG shielding gas
by: Tom Batz

Hi Ken,
I am a certified welder.And have been in the welding and fabrication for a living for over 20yrs. The normal shielding gas used for TIG is 100% argon.Unfort. you cannot use 100% ARGON for short arc (MIG) for steel.So kind of tough to just have one gas in a shop if you plan to do MIG also. But you can TIG all weldable materials with the Argon...
Tom Xtremetalworks

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