Tig Welder

by Jim

I own wreck-a-mended auto body & boat repair. We repair autos & fiberglass boats. I'm now getting calls to do aluminum. I have not welded alum. But do own a Lincoln mig 350 mp.I have toyed with it. I'm told I must have a tig welder also. I've been in the business for over 35 years . I'm also told alum welding is self taught, is this true . since I'm having problems finding any schools that teach it. I am ordering your dvds. Is here enough information for me and my son to get started. What tig welder do YOU prefer. Thank you for your time in this.

Jim McMahon

Answer: The DVD's are great for beginners and veteran's. Tig Welder? A Precision TIG™ 185 or Precision TIG 275. Everyone has a different opinion, though.

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