The Tube Notcher And Building Chopper Frames!

tube notcher

A tube notcher is handy when building a motorcycle frame. Here we will discus what it is and if there are alternatives:

Anybody who has ever tried to restore a motorcycle, or to build one from scratch, knows the importance of having the right tools for the job. As with any other project, the correct tools will make any task much easier to complete, and will ensure that it is done properly. One tool which is essential for serious bike builders is a tubing notcher.

tube notcher is the tool that makes the notch in the end of the tubing prior to welding to another tube. An example would be when the downtube is welded to the headtube. It needs to make a cut that is the shape of the tube it's going to be welded onto, and to make that cut at the correct angle so that the two parts fit snugly before welding.

It is possible to achieve this effect using other tools. The job can be done with an angle grinder set on a bench and some modifications, but this needs a lot of skill. It might also be possible, depending on the finished placement and overall size, to use a lathe. However, in most cases where a good tubing fit is necessary a notcher should be used. This will make the job easier and the finished product stronger.

There are many different types of tube notchers available to buy, which vary in quality and price. The cheaper ones may not do the job very well because they are generally inaccurate, and often only miter to forty-five degrees, when most jobs will require more. A decent notcher which will be suitable for most jobs should be able to be purchased for around one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars.

There are more expensive ones that you should consider if you are going to build frames on a consistent basis, like this one.

A good quality tube notcher will generally be made from industrial strength materials, making it extremely durable. It should have a high powered motor to allow notching to be performed with very little effort. Once precise measurements have been made on a tube the machine will notch the end of it to fit perfectly with another tube. This is by far the quickest, easiest, and most accurate way to carry out this operation.

When building a motorcycle or chopper frame there are several tubes which must be attached to each other. It is important for these tubes to fit perfectly in order for the frame of the bike to be strong and stable. Therefore in order to achieve the best possible results a notcher's accuracy, combined with its ease of use, makes it an important tool to have when building a motorcycle frame.