Use synthetic oil to break in a motor?

by Geo
(Jersey Shore)

I thought your article was informative. Although you left the decision up to the reader, which I guess is the right thing to do. The subject of "oil" either synthetic or petroleum based is a much talked and argued about topic. I would like to have seen some actual test results done by professional people. Things like breakdown in heat or cold temps, oil life of both types, etc. Either way I have learned more on the subject from the article as printed and I do appreciate that. One other question I have is about breaking in a new or rebuilt engine. I was told Never use synthetic oil to break in a motor, I have searched but not found anything on the subject. Any advice I would appreciate.

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Apr 17, 2015
Syn VS Regular oils
by: Thirdeye

This is by no means a scientific observation, but If synthetic oils are good enough(provide enough protection during high rpm runs), then certainly they are more than adequate for break in oils.
Millions of autos use synthetic for break ins every day..
Just my 2 cents!

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