Using Car Oil In A Motorcycle

by Frank
(Santiasko, Chile.)

Your article is much appreciated, but I must make a correction: I experienced firsthand oil designed for cars in my motorcycle, and after spending enough money on clutch discs and learning to read descriptions you can use synthetic oil designed for a car in a bike long as they are between the SC and SJ API standards, do not bring these additives or sulfur, molybdenum, titanium, copper colloid, etc., which damage the wet clutch function.

It has given me excellent results, for example, a Shell Helix synthetic API SJ SAE 20W50, paid between 4500 and 5000 km between changes(Not like the Motul mineral used previously, and 3000 km away, in addition to expensive oil, extremely inferior to a good quality synthetic), cares and extends engine life. Chinese engines especially notice the difference, exchanging of rings before the 20,000 km, now at 25000 km and counting, still hold up well, with good compression.

Try and comment, will not be disappointed.

A hug from a distance.

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