Vin and Registration

by Richard Sheridan
(Perth,Western Australia)

Not only was the Q&A very helpful it confirmed what I probably knew anyway. Living in Australia we have some strict regulations regarding any motor vehicle that is to be licensed for road use. These are the Australian Design Rules (ADR).

These are a minimum requirement.Living in Perth in Western Australia brings added requirements. After you apply for an Approval in Principle you have a bit of a wait. This can take some months. And add to that the time it take to work out what they mean.The next step in my project is waiting for a quote from my old employer to make all the necessary componentry i.e. Frame parts, welding jig, forward controls and springer forks, ship it all from N.Z. Once that all arrives I Will be a very busy boy welding on my time off as my job allows me a lot of time to myself. This process has put me in touch with a lot of good people for things like an engineers certificate, an absolute must here,reputable painters etc. Probably the most important lesson
was learning patience, these things take time.

Cheers for now,


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