Wiring harness for my first bobber

by craig

I am building my first bobber. I was wondering what is the simplest way to get the electrical done. The bike has an electric start,brake light. Turn signals, headlight, and a speed o. I was considering using the THUNDERHEART harness. Is that a practical way to go?

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Dec 31, 2012
Thunder heart
by: Jon H.

I installed a thunder heart on my build. Many, many wires... Two of the wires were reversed in the connecting plug which would have caused havoc had I not chased each wire and matched them to their numbered slots in the connector. The single brake light module was also wired backwards. The thunder heart lasted about five months before starting to cause problems. I yanked it and rewired the entire bike using a very simple kit from scooters. The bike has run flawlessly since. I wont everbrunna microprocessor style kit again. Keep it simple.

Aug 01, 2010
wiring a custom bike
by: Anonymous

I have a Thunderheart harness controller on my bike. I have taken my bike to a few different shops, one guy said "get that POS out of here", another guy said "he would pull out the whole harness free and install a stock harley setup for a fee" none of the shops that I frequent will work on it if that tells you anything. I took me a few days of surfing the net to find my own wire diagram, looking at the tail light wire section made no sense to me, 3 wires going to a 2 filament bulb, some how the EHC incorporates tail light/brake/blinker. I would get a diagram and build my own harness using all stock harley/honda parts. A lot of these parts can be found at any auto parts store like relays that cost 3.00 instead of cycle relay that cost 15.00 and so on. I get most of my electrical from radio shack, pins and connectors only cost a couple of dollars as compared to OEM parts.

Jun 17, 2010
wiring a custom
by: rockman

I spent most of the winter trying to figure out the wiring for my custom (Ultima Fat Bastard). All I had was brakes,headlite, turn signal, electronic speed sensor on the tranny & that's about it. I never figured out the wiring diagram so I hired the wiring guy from the local HD dealer to come out to my house & do it for me. He spent 45min looking at the wiring diagram that came with the basic custom wiring harness. He finally threw the diagram away & said it made NO sense to him. SO, We wired it by going one wire at a time & one item at a time (ie key switch-coil & ect). So my suggestion is hire someone for $75-$100 to do it for ya.it takes them ~ 90min to di it all. One cross wire & you've spent more than that in replacementing what ya burned up. Oryou can just start at the key switch & work outward one wire at a time. There are 100's of printable diagrams on the internet you can use for info for example on where the wires from the speed sensor go & connect, the key switch & so on.
Hope this Long Reply helps.

Jun 15, 2010
depends on $
by: rider75

I'll have to look up the link for Thunderheart thanks for that bit of info.
I've mostly used stock or modified stock electrical as it is made to fit the bike. Going from ground up though presents the challenge of wiring from scratch. Glad to hear someone is making aftermarket. I would probably have found some already 'cept I am a cheap SOB.

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