Yamaha XS Bobber

by Keith

Yamaha XS Bobber

Yamaha XS Bobber

This all starts with me fullfilling a common life dream. I bought a Harley! Ya, It's a sportster but it's a Harley! I love it. With some personal touches added here and there I made it my own. I remember growing up hearing my Dad saying. "Someday I'ma get me a Nice customized Harley". Well, the oppertunity never came. I was able to give him his Firts ever twist of a Harley throttle. It was an honor. I thought when he took off on it he would never come back! The bug cought on! My family was financially devistated a few years back by that schister from New York who scammed Billions from good, Trusting people. So we now are all on a very strict budget. My brother who is a full time medical student supporting himself and a wife and 2 children, wants a bobber style bike real bad! so he start's the search. Finding out that building a hardtail Yamaha XS bobber will only have a total cost of about 2k! He wanted to start from the ground up..... Well the Jig is built and we are starting the pipe bending in a week! We have 3 completely rebuilt motors. Two of the bikes are running and being riden while they wait for thier new whole body transplants! we can't waite to maurod around town on our new road ripping bobbers! I'm attaching a picture of the frame that started it all. We are using a little different design now.

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Jan 24, 2011
Go Bobber !
by: Indobiker

He Bro

Nice work on that XS650 ,just sold one XS650. 5 Bikes is a bit to much for one guy right? Sold it to my brother in law and he is rebuilding it at this moment. I saw pictures of your rebuild bobber and tought to my self damm,thats awesome !
Been a Harley biker for years but a little tumper like the XS650 is a good replacement if you are short on cash. Maintenance is cheap and the possebilitys you can do with them are endless.

As a Harley man i would like to see some pics of the Sportster too.

Keep up the good work and keep the rubberside dowm

Indobiker www.indobiker.nl

Jun 14, 2010
Nice work.
by: Riverside

Nice work guys... good to see good people keeping the dream alive.

Ride on!

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