1957 Harley Chopper 1993 Evo Drivetrain

by partner

1957 Harley chopper

1957 Harley chopper

I've put this bike on this site a bit of time back, although since that time "she's" had to be reworked as my frame failed October 2012. It was an old weld (original), and it cracked in downtubes and neck.

I tried to alter my "forward" motion, was a bit "scary". In March 2013 we got her all back together,and I am submitting "pics" of "her" new look,I hope you-all like,"she also got a name change ,from "High Voltage" to "Alter Ego","Ride Safe,Ride Free", Old-School Bro, partner.

p.s. Not bad work for a 72 year young old school Biker - O.K.?!

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