3 Inch Stretch On The Rigid Bobber Frame

by Arty
(Australia, melbourne)

Hi, with the rigid bobber plans, how much will the plans cost to include a 3" backbone stretch and a 3" rear stretch (to further increase distance from the gearbox to the rear wheel) and include the load strength figures for engineers viewing.

Regards, Arty.

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Jan 25, 2012
Bobber Frame Stretch Question Answered
by: Custom Choppers Guide

Hello Arty,

Thanks for your interest in our rigid bobber plans. We can create custom plans for you but it will require some time and effort. Our senior design engineer can update the specific plan that you are interested in and update the drawing. We will then run full FEA to determine loads and make sure that the frame will survive heavy loading as well as vibration analysis. The full report of the results will be submitted to you along with your custom plan. The plan will be adjusted based on these results and strengthened with gussets and other tubes as needed to make sure it passes the FEA criteria. This can be accomplished for a lump sum of approximately $600 (Amount of time and effort is about 20 hours). Please let us know with questions and whether you’d like to proceed. It will take approximately 2 weeks to complete this for you.

Jan 22, 2012
Stretch'n your bobber
by: Anonymous

When you stretch a frame it has more to do with the front end than the rear. You can stretch it as much as you like but it's not really going to change the distance from the transmission to the rear wheel. The only thing you can do for that is to put an extended swing arm like a hill climbing bike or what they call here in the US a "street outlaw" bike which are mostly rice rockets!

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