5MT Custom Bobber- Honda CJ250T

by Roland Fenkart
(Gold Coast, Australia)

5MT Custom Bobber

5MT Custom Bobber

Happy B’day, my mate Steve said as he pointed to the backed up F250 and there it was a fugly smashed Honda CJ250T 1976.

Bent frame and ceased up piston and a 10mm hole in the other.

I started pulling bits of soon after, the Triumph handle bars where hanging in my garage waiting to be installed for about 15 years, I kept them of my Yamaha SR500- Bobber when I sold it. A set of brand new Harley shocks, donated by Nathan where beefing up the rear and housed the CB250R rear wheel I got of Adam.

Re: 5MT Custom Bobber

Joe (my dad a retired air plane mechanic) was here on holidays and I managed to get him to rebuild the motor.

The grinding and welding was done at Gismo’s and Rick’s welding shop, I love there toys, thanks for sharing them with me.

Some where along the way I started a website 5mt.com.au and bought a Yamaha XS250 1979, but I’ll tell you about that bike later.

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