Bobber Open Chassis

by Eazy

motorcycle wiring diagram

motorcycle wiring diagram

Yes the less the better particularly on a bobber and a lot of these are done with the sporty drive train so you definitely don't want the seat post in any case as it is a unit as opposed to a separate gearbox motor.

I would personally do away with that ugly curved support tube at the front and go with something much more stream lined and try to leave it as open as possible. Just my take on it, not a hard mod in any case. Maybe even swing it upside down and see how it looks, then you may make it a bit longer where it would drop in towards the center of the frame and pick the motor up with it so it could second as an engine mount. The curves coming off the the rear make it look like you got a rigid swing arm (ugly) sorry but true (piss them off and stream line your axle plates even double them up so 4 plates 2 either side and one either side of the tubes and fill them in so they look solid almost like a full factory cast but much cleaner.

Like sandwich plate them to either side of each tube, way over-kill on strength but nice to look at.

Two much rake for a Bobber it's more of a chopper.
The bobber has an almost stock rake and usually a girder or sprung front end. The choppers the high way bike not good around suburbia and the bobbers or Bar Hopper is a light weight small mileage (Tank) minimal get on and go bike hence a good cornering bike as most pubs are on corners or around the corner Till you raise the bars or something like that. Extend the ass end two inches to give it the drag look which dose mean a longer chain and a more see through minimalist look as you can see threw the bike and gives it visual and dimensional appeal as the front of the rear guard is more exposed and easier to clean and with a round oil bag and sprung seat exposed rear tire with a short gard bobbed at the end and a nice set of vintage tires (not fat but tall) 20" perhaps and a 21" or 20" on the front, heaps of spokes Rule 101 bobber(never stick a solid or mag on a bobber)

Keep this frame it may be someones cup of tea. But go build on with the mods I just suggested and see what sells first. If you're going to have a pillion seat Pussy pad only. One no larger than ya wallet after you've finished the project so that it clips off and goes in ya back pocket so the missus don't find out you've been running the young chicks around. Well that just about sums it up for me on the bobber. Thanks for the post. Above is a pick of how you may wire it.

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Jun 24, 2015
Bobber Chassis
by: Joseph Patrick

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May 15, 2010
We Are Working On Thanks...
by: Custom Choppers Guide


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Also, is that your wiring diagram?


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