Why You Need A Chopsaw...

chop saw cutoff saw

Says Rick Hedrick, "Chopsaw (Cutoff Saw) Just as the name implies it is a saw that chops. The Chop Saw is a necessary tool in any shop. A fiber saw 'blade' will roughly cut most metal materials. A Chopsaw will be necessary to cut larger material (ie. tubing) down to a your working size.

Here are a couple of chop saw tips

  • Where shoes or boots that don't slip (for any shop tool).
  • Tie back long hair.
  • Don't were neck ties, gloves, rings, or bracelets (and things that are loose as such).
  • Where safety goggles (z87 approved).

If you want to get a cutoff saw, you can find them almost anywhere, but you might want to check Ebay first for good new and used ones.

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