Comments And Questions For Mazz

by Duane Carrell
(Basile, Lousiana, USA)

First the comment from my wife: "WOW, a bunch of kids built that? That has to be the coolest thing to do as a kid. I wished we could have done that in high school."

My comment: I was looking for some insight into building my own custom bike. I came across "Betty" at "Custom Choppers Guide" website and couldn't believe how great it was that you guys built a beautiful bobber after school. I love it! Mazz, shoot an email to Demon's Cycle in south Florida, he sometimes helps groups such as yours with stuff like this. You might get lucky and get some of the items you need. I personally am building a bobber that cost me $12,000.00 American and everything came complete from his warehouse. Cheapest, quality parts I have been able to find here in the US.

Questions: What problems did your group encounter during your build (other than finding parts)?

Has any of the group built a bike of their own?

Have any taken the knowledge learned for the build and moved on to applying it to future employment?

How many are in your group not counting Mazz?

How long did it take the club to complete "Betty"?

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Jan 31, 2010
questions answered
by: Mazz

First off, thanks for your comments, it's always cool to hear those kind of comments.

Ok, problems, we made some classic mistakes, like not enough space under the gas tank for wiring and other things. Building our own oil tank, we should have got a professional welder to finish the tank, we tested but not enough, the thing still leaked and it took many tries to not hurt the paint job to get it to stop! Wiring, not properly connecting wires lead us into some major troubles including burning up a couple of expensive components. Do not, I repeat, do not mold your rear fender to the frame!!! We did that, big mistake.

The build took 32 months mostly because of parts and money.

The klub usually has around 14 kids in it, I don't hold it to that, it's just how it works out for some reason!

Two alumni, are now building their own custom bikes, one an Ironhead Sportster and the other an XS 650 Yamaha Bobber with a rigid tail section he built himself, very nice so far.

Checkout our Website to see what we are doing now, or get on Facebook and add me it's Marc Mazerolle in the Saint John New Brunswick Canada network, there are literally hundreds of pics of the projects.

And lastly, come to New Brunswick on a bike vacation, I promise you, you will never regret it!!



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