Custom Honda Steed 400 CC

by Mats Rosenquist
(Rayong, Thailand)

Honda Steed 400 CC Military Themed Motorcyle

Honda Steed 400 CC Military Themed Motorcyle

From a military themed motorcycle to a Nordic themed bike...

I bought this bike when I came back after a year in Iraq. I grew up with horses but it's not easy to raise horse in Thailand so I picked the next horsepower that gives you a similar feeling.

I bought the bike as a military theme with a sergeants stripes on the tank but I am from Sweden & wanted a theme that illuminates my backgrounds so I picked the forn nordic mythology from our viking history.

So I picked the wolf cub that was raised by the Gods in Valhalla but as he grew up he became difficult to handle & he actually bit off the hand of Tir the god of war that managed to set his sword into his mouth while tying him down to a mountain!

So the bike is painted as the fur of a wolf with graphics from the historical even of tying the wolf down to a mountain. The wolves name is written om the tank in rune shrift, Fenrisulfr!

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