How To Build A Honda CB750 Chopper

Here's how to build a honda cb750 chopper. It's not a comprehensive guide. Not at all (you'll want this 2 disc dvd set if you want a comprehensive step by step guide on how to build your own chopper).

But it shows you how one of our subscribers did it. By himself. At home...

And it's a killer honda cb750 custom chopper

Here's how it went down...

First, he read an advertisement for an old bike. A 1978 CB750 model K. The frame

had been chopped.

He drove 4000 miles to get the bike! That's commitment.

His first project was to change the front end. Then he made an oil tank out of a 5 inch pipe. After that he created a V bar (a friend helped him). And then he build an internal throttle. He's probably done with that by now.

That's just the beginning of how to build cb750 custom chopper.

There's more to his story, so let him tell you about it.

Here is how to build a honda cb750 chopper part 1.

cb750 chopper build part 2.

And cb750 build part 3.

Enjoy! Normally we don't write so much about a subscriber bike build, but since he drove 4000 miles, and went to the trouble of giving us the details, we couldn't resist.

Here's a couple more honda cb750 custom choppers. Click the image to be taken to the owners page...

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