My Bobber Frame Blueprint Comments

by Steffen Joergensen
(Agerskov, DK Denmark)

Hi There!

Thanks for the blueprint for the bobber frame. It looks great to me. I must admit that I´m a novice in building a custom chopper. Here in Denmark, where I live, custom choppers are not so usual as in the USA, so it makes it a lot more difficult to built a bike. I can not just drive for a shop to buy certain parts for the bobber, because we have none. Of course we have Harley dealers, but they only have original spare parts. So I have to make my plans for the building and order all needed parts in The States.

By the way, I have some questions...

1. The tubes are made by carbon steel. Can You tell me how many % of carbon there is in the tubes used for the bobber frame?

2. On the axle plates there are two fields, where the tubes are welded to the plates. Do I understand it right when I say this fields are milled down to a certain gauge of metal?

If I´m right, how thick is the steel there?

Thanks in advance!

Many greetings from Denmark
Steffen Joergensen

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May 21, 2010
Axle plates
by: Anonymous

Though your idea of milling half the tubing away is easy to do, I have to believe if you have a mill you would be better off milling a slot on the center line of the tube and take advantage of the increased weld area and the strength of the tube has to offer. Looks nicer too if you cap the ends before milling the slot. Just my two cents.

Ken Imhoff

May 03, 2010
Chopper Frame Tubing And Answers
by: Custom Choppers Guide

Your question is answered here because it's requires more pictures and details...

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