My First Chopper: Shovelhead Build

by Paulo SebastiĆ£o Ferreira
(Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil)

Shovelhead Frame Build

Shovelhead Frame Build

In April of 2006, I started my custom chopper (Shovelhead) project when I bought Rigid Frame Plan's from Custom Choppers Guide and Rick Hedric (BCC Orlando). They were 200mm plans.

Next, I've bought the curve, made my own Jig and built my frame; utilizing a Harley Davidson Shovelhead, year 1972 and a 5 speed RevTec Transmission.

When the frame was ready, I sent some pics to Rick and one of them you have posted, as an illustration, at your website 'Custom Chopper Projects'.

I am finishing building my chopper, which will have a seadle with two CG 125 shockers, and once it is finished I'll send some pictures, which will illustrate all the process of building, except for the painting.

As I was building my Chopper, some friends of mine came to take a look at my project. Then, the three of them ordered frames; so, I could minimize the costs of my project.

Beside my Rigid 200mm Frame, I've made a Panhead Frame, a Flathead Frame, and finally, a Sportster Frame; all of them were photographed and the pictures sent to Rick.

I hope I've contributed to help motivating those who don't have many resources, but, with planning, patience, simple ideas and creativity will be able to make their Chopper Projects come true!

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