Partner Greybeard in Washington State

by Partner

Mass & the Bike Klub; Many "Kudos" to you & your group. I too work with the young & upcoming "Bros" of the next generation, & like you I AM DISCOVERING A PART OF MYSELF I DID NOT KNOW EXISTED. These young kids (?) have some fantastic ideas. And to be able to assist them to complete their dream is such an utterly fantastic feeling of accomplishment.

My boys (& 2 girls ) have only had a chance to work on some of my project bikes or ones they or their friends own,but much is in the works.
Most of my group centers on gang kids with very little hope for success. In our last 18 months so far most every kid has not skipped school,raised his grade point average by at least 1.0 point and has not been arrested one time.
I too,am very proud of my little Bros, 2 years back most were a familiar sight at J.V. Detention for fighting, stealing, drugs,etc.

We have rules that are the same for,and enforced by the kids,no adult censorship here and it works.

We all just want to say a big "THANK YOU" to someone else that cares and is willing to help bring our new builders/riders into the biking world with a "GOOD" outlook on their lives.
Thank You and Good Luck to you and your "BIKE KLUB "
Partner c/o
partner & co.

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