Problem moving battery and oil tank

by Hannibal

I've got an '81 FLT that I am "Bobbering". There are several issues, but two are most perplexing.

1: A tank with an FLH dash that will fit over the "square back" frame.

2: How to move that big, bulky battery, and the ugly oil tank so I can run it without "skins".

The conundrum: I bought an '07 tank. The '07 frame (on my '07 FLRP) has the same size backbone. It will fit, but the back tab has a "Z" shape to it, making the fuel feeder hole higher than the forward sump of the tank. Do I change the location of the feeder hole, straighten the "Z" tab and lengthen the front tabs, or trash the whole idea and just buy another frame that will accommodate flat sided bobber tanks and the oil bag/battery change too? I just don't want to cut up the original frame.

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May 07, 2014
Battery and oil tank move.
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the input. I've kicked around the idea of trying an older FL oil tank, (under left side of seat) and moving the battery forward a bit. I'd also like to get rid of that Hulky Prestolite starter but my what fits what book doesn't say anything about a newer type that would fit. I do have the picture in my mind, but I definitely DO NOT want to cut up that frame. I'll make some drawings and see what I can come with...that gas tank is another problem, but it doesn't seem as "challenging".
Thanks again.

May 01, 2014
Battery and Oil Tank
by: Dave

Hi my friend, One thing you do not do is chop any stock parts. You adapted and overcome build your own parts. Sit back and look at it and the wheels will start to turn. Make up a drawing in your head then on paper. And it will come to you to you. Check out the red Trike I built. Every part except the frame is hand built. Good Luck.

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