Start ing A Bike Building School In My Area.

by joe kustom
(league city texas)

Wish there was a class like that where i went to school. My life would've turned out very different. Those kids did an awesome job with the help of their teachers. I saw this earlier this week and cant stop thinking about it. I've talked about starting a bike building school to 2 others and there's a possible that we may be able to start a class down here I'm in league city Texas and Santa Fe Texas. The problem is the schools are cutting back big time and that's also letting our children down. I want to do something positive for our children instead of getting in trouble in jail or junkies. We have an opportunity to help and id like to give it a try and go citywide with it. Problem is I work offshore and am for a month at a time and very limited resources I'm not a business man so I don't know all the details would need some help is there anyone got some details about starting this thing?

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