The Bike Club or Mazz is "A Must"!

by Elmer Reyes

Hello Bike builders and a like. I am 6,000 miles away from the "Bike Club" but they could surely assist people like us no matter how far we are. We call our shop The Laguna Choppers, I am a Filipino Canadian residing in the Philippines now. Thanks to Mazz!!! He truly is a man with a big heart and the passion not just for bikes but with people like me who shares the same passion, then I read your article about how he started the Bike Klub, I was truly heart struck, I know there are still thousands of kids out there that are talented but never had the chance to cultivate their gift or talent but with something like the Bike Club and a lot of people like Mazz. I hope we could help more and more people and specially kids to have a chance at life, education is so expensive and only the privileged few are given the chance to finish it but with Mazz's program I could see the light at the end of the tunnel becoming brighter and brighter for people not just with talent but for those who wants to learn. I love choppers but don't know much about building until i encountered Mazz through the net, I started my shop restoring vintage scoots and bikes and after so many years in the business the trend in bike riding changes especially when people get to see movies showing new bike designs and how people appreciate the uniqueness of each bike. several years back my shop was concentrated on vintage and classics restorations, then the OCC showed up on Discovery Channel and began showing how they build choppers that people really appreciate, that is when people started calling me and ask if i can do the same, unfortunately I don't have any of the high tech tools that the occ has but with the right guidance and perseverance from "Mazz" you can make a choppers from ground up without any high-tech stuff. I'm truly grateful. Visit to see some bikes I built with the guidance and inspiration of the "Bike Klub" thank you more power and god speed. Happy New year.

Laguna Choppers.

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Jan 08, 2010
Contact me
by: Mazz

Yo, Elmer,

Send me an email so I have your address would you?

thanks for the cool comments,


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