XS400 Brat Chopper

by Isaiah
(ottawa ontario, Canada)

Brat Chopper

Brat Chopper

This is my xs400 brat chopper: I’m 14 and this is my first build, I did it all alone. The only help I had was from my dad helping me chop the back end off the bike, and a friend welded a panel on my gas tank as I don’t have the proper welder, the rest is me. I plan to be getting a real seat soon and I’ve got some wiring and other things to do but all in all my xs400 brat chopper should be done by march or April, trouble is I can't legally ride it till I’m 16 oh well, it'll look good till then I'll post more when it’s all done and painted. Also the bars on it are about 3 inches shorter now and I got rid of the short sissy bar and just have struts now.

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