Advice From An Ex Custom Bike Shop Owner!

by Stinkey

Hey Viking, nice bike. As an ex custom bike shop owner I'd like to say good luck. You’re going to need it. Here's some advice:

Are you renting premises? Then you have to find the rent money each month, and the insurance. And public liability? Electric, gas, water utility bills? Phone company, advertising, dealing with customers on the phone, in the shop, each day you may end up doing hours of paper work.

So you do long hours away from home and family. You can't meet deadlines, or even work on bikes because your chasing parts, stock and people that owe you money!

If you have somebody to help you then make sure you delegate, but if they are not as committed as you can be then you’ll have more hassles, and one day you will sit down and say, " Jeez, all I wanted to do was build bikes!” But if it's in you, then you have to try it buddy. Best wishes. Stinkey :-)

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