Build A Triumph Chopper

If you want to build a Triumph chopper, you'll find it can be lots of fun and very rewarding. 

How much work is involved in the build depends, largely, on what you plan to begin with and what end results you desire. Even a novice can build a Triumph chopper from a kit easily enough, but you may already down a Triumph and want to do a custom build yourself. The amount of work and time involved are directly related to your choices in the planning. 

Perhaps the most work-intensive, but also the most satisfying way to build a Triumph chopper is to start with a basket-case Triumph bike. If you want an older, classic Triumph engine, a basket case is all you may find. In this situation, you will be building the engine from a basket of parts up and possibly the tranny too. The benefit is that you know the engine inside and out. But, once you've built the engine and tranny, you still have to turn the drive train into a chopper. And, you will most likely have to obtain a Builder Title for this type of project; that process is the subject of a report you'll definitely need to study before starting your build. 

A less work-intensive method is to start with a well-maintained, well-operating Triumph stock bike. In this situation, you have an engine and tranny that are operating perfectly. You have wheels and tires which you may or may not wish to keep in the final chopper. You also have some other accessories, such as head lamp, turn signal lamps, even controls, which you may or may not wish to maintain in the final chopper. 

Of course, the least labor-intensive method is the kit chopper option or rolling chassis option. By purchasing a kit, you get almost everything you need in one box and can built it following the instructions. By purchasing a chopper rolling chassis built for a Triumph engine and tranny install, you can simply wire and bolt in the drive train. 

The method you select for your Triumph chopper build should reflect your mechanical experience and abilities. If you are new to building choppers, the complexities of properly engineering and balancing a frame is probably not a great plan for your first chopper build. It is far, far better to learn as you go by choosing to either buy a Triumph chopper kit or find a good drive train and place it in a rolling chassis. This is a great way to develop the skills necessary to later do build a triumph chopper from-scratch build, a basket-case build, or delve further into the building process for a chopper that will feature a Triumph drive train and ride like a dream.

The end result of your project to build a Triumph chopper should be not only road-worthy; it should be comfortable for you to ride. Consider your personal desires and preferences as you choose how to build a triumph chopper as your ride. Lower the frame if you love the feel of a well-balanced, easy to hold up bike. Stretch the frame and extend the forks, but only as much as you feel comfortable turning on the road in traffic. 

Unless you are going for a show bike build, keep your project within the bounds of sanity by remembering you'll have to turn it around, fit into tight spots from time to time, and use it to get from Point A to Point B with your friends. 

Custom paint can make any Triumph chopper build really special. Don't scrimp on the paint. Get what you want and get it done by a pro. While almost any other part of the chopper build can be done in a home garage, this single step can make or break the success of your project. If your friend Joe does great paint jobs and you've seen many of them, then that's wonderful. But don't let just anyone put paint on your frame, tank and fenders. The beauty of a Triumph chopper build is how it looks going down the road.